Phraw v0.3 released

Phraw v0.3 is out!


  • Redirects.
  • Detection and correction of the trailing slash.
  • New function for client error headers.
  • New function for success headers.
  • Bulk route for static pages of arrays.
  • New function add_include_path().
  • New function get_current_domain(), useful for redirects.
  • Global variables DEBUG and RESOURCES_DIR are now set by default if not present.

Phraw have only few days of life so these are things that are no longer available:

  • DefaultStarter is removed from the source code because actually the standard way to boostrap Phraw is enough short and simple to write.
  • static_route() is moved inside Phraw and renamed bulk_route(), now is also more powerful.
  • SmartyExtension->display_error_404() is now SmartyExtension->display_error() and more powerful because it is possible to use other client error pages.

News published on 2012-01-11

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