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  • Phraw 0.4 release candidate


    The Phraw 0.4 release candidate is out.


    • Rain TPL template engine - very fast but also very simple
    • Session handling - customizable and replaceable
    • 3 routing methods: equal comparison, regular expression, regular expresion in parenthesis (simpler)
    • Custom routing
    • Tree route - a flexible way to route through a hierarchy of pages in one shot
    • Full documentation
    • Unit tests

    Help is welcome. Please, spend some minutes to check this new version.

    Download it here.

  • New routing feature: tree_route()


    The new routing tree_route() method is now on the develop branch for the coming v0.4 of Phraw.

    With a simple array it is possible to create a structure, use default parameters and customize the behavior.

    More informations on the forum.

  • More powerful routing feature


    From the development version it is now possible to use three different methods for matching the route paths: equal comparison, regular expression, regular expresion in parenthesis (simpler).

    Equal comparison: 'foo/bar/' matches '/foo/bar/'

    Regular expression: 'foo\/bar\/' matches '/foo/bar/'

    Regular expression: 'foo/bar(s?)/' matches '/foo/bar/' and '/foo/bars/'

    This is a backwards incompatible change, probably you have to correct some routing addresses in your index.php file adding '\/' at the end of your addresses.

    The documentation will be available soon.

    Ask on the forum for help.

  • New sessions extension


    From the development version it is now possible to use the sessions in a easiest way. There is also a session files handler ready to use.

    See the little gallery of small examples for have a quick idea about or read the documentation.

    We need testers!

  • New pre-packaged distributions


    I am publishing pre-packaged distributions for those that want to try Phraw in just a minute.

    A distribution is a basic web site with the requested libraries included.

    The first distribution in the "vanilla" that contains a basic web site, Phraw v0.3 and the latest version of Smarty (v3.0.8).

    Try it on the downloading page.

    EDIT: actually there is a second distribution, called "lightspeed", with the template engine RainTPL instead of Smarty, and a third distribution with the lightweight ORM Paris.

  • The forum is online


    Phraw have now its forum.

    You can now request help, post your showcase and discuss about the framework.

    Go to the forum.

  • New RainTPL extension


    From the development version it is now possible to use RainTPL, a very fast and simple template engine, through a Phraw extension.

    See the little gallery of small examples for have a quick idea about.

  • Phraw v0.3 released


    Phraw v0.3 is out!


    • Redirects.
    • Detection and correction of the trailing slash.
    • New function for client error headers.
    • New function for success headers.
    • Bulk route for static pages of arrays.
    • New function add_include_path().
    • New function get_current_domain(), useful for redirects.
    • Global variables DEBUG and RESOURCES_DIR are now set by default if not present.

    Phraw have only few days of life so these are things that are no longer available:

    • DefaultStarter is removed from the source code because actually the standard way to boostrap Phraw is enough short and simple to write.
    • static_route() is moved inside Phraw and renamed bulk_route(), now is also more powerful.
    • SmartyExtension->display_error_404() is now SmartyExtension->display_error() and more powerful because it is possible to use other client error pages.
  • Restrured the web site and added quick examples


    Restructured the navigation of the web site.

    Created a little gallery of small quick examples.

  • Published the Quick Start Guide, a benchmark and the RSS feed


    The Quick Start Guide is now online.

    Published a first benchmark.

    You can now subscribe to the RSS feed!

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