How to help

If Phraw was useful for your work or hobby, help Phraw returning the favor ;)

Leave your feedback through the red banner on the right side of this page, or read the following suggestions.

For bloggers and writers

  • Write an article on your blog.
  • Correct the english documentation.

Send your help via email.

For users and developers

  • Report your new web site built on Phraw.
  • Do more benchmarks.
  • Try Phraw in your environment and report your installation (PHP version, web server version, operating system version).
  • Submit a feature request on the issue tracker.
  • Report a bug on the bug tracker.
  • Fix a bug or suggest a patch on the issue tracker.
  • Write an extension (for another template engine, an ORM ...).

Send your help via email.

For graphic designers

  • Design a new Phraw web site with The Gimp (or your preferred image tool).
  • Design a template for a basic web site.

Send your help via email.

For marketers

  • Suggest something for promoting Phraw.
  • Write something on Twitter, Facebook and so on!
  • Spread the world!

Send your help via email.